Boyfriend's ex is still trying to get his attention after a year. What gives?

My boyfriend and I have been dating about a year. It's to that point where we are pre-engaged (both of our families are waiting on it, we are in the middle of buying a home together, etc.) We lived out of state together for most of our relationship while he finished his MBA. When we moved back to our home state, he moved back a month earlier than I did (I had to finish up work.) and through a few of my questions, I found out he had seen his ex two times. Both at get-togethers with mutual friends. He says they didn't really talk, though. And I guess I trust him on that. But as soon as he moved back, I noticed she started liking all of his pictures and statuses on Facebook, unless they were about me. This has been going on for 5.5 months now. I used his phone to text a mutual friend one day (with his permission) and I saw where she had texted him asking to go out to the bar. There were no other texts. It was like he had deleted their previous conversation, and there was no reply from him. Then one of her friends texted him asking why he wouldn't hang out with her. He said "It's complicated. I'll talk to her." I haven't seen anymore texts, but she is still liking his stuff on Facebook. And he has CHANGED since we moved back home. He needs more guys nights, where I'm not invited (I used to ALWAYS be invited.) and he isn't as romantic towards me as he used to be. I'm kind of sure he isn't cheating on me with her but I think it's odd she didn't try to contact him for our entire relationship when we were out of state and then the moment he moves back, she's all over him again. What gives? What should I do? If this info helps, I'm 26, he's 32 and she's 32. He knew her first and broke up before I met him, but three days before he and I became official, he went home for the holidays and he admits they went out a couple of times and they made out.


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  • first of all you said you moved back after a long time... and he is not that romantic and he needs more guys night... that sounds like he is becoming distant from you... if i had a girl friend i had not seen from a long time... i will be all over her... LOL... you have to talk to him about this.. and tell him not to meet his ex... not even friends... as you know that she is pursuing him...



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