When do I reply? Is he playing games?

On Saturday I made out with this guy after we'd spent the afternoon watching a movie. It just sort of happened and neither of us really planned it, but we both enjoyed it. Before Saturday, we hadn't seen each other for a few months (which was when we ran into each other on the way to work), and before then, we hadn't seen each other since last Christmas (when we'd gone on a couple of dates before he said he didn't think we were suited). I hadn't heard from him after Saturday so I texted him on Monday night to say I'd had a fun time. This evening (Tuesday) I just found a missed call from him and then a text asking if I wanted to go on a hike during the weekend. I'm not sure if he's playing games by not responding to my text sooner?

Do I respond straight away, or wait a few hours?


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  • If he took to time to call you and test you he's' probably interested


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  • No he was probably busy


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