First date advice anyone?

I'm going on my first date and I am extremely nervous

i am 16 and this is a new thing for me

we are going out to dinner and maybe back to my house?

i need advice badly please help,


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  • Well it really all depends on your intentions. If it's just for fun, or your interested in dating him seriously and what not.

    • Okay what if its like I'm really interested?

    • Be flirty, be fun, touch him a lot, so he'll get to know that you like him. If he likes you back he should be doing the same in return.

    • Okay thanks(:

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  • Be social, find common grounds to talk about. if it goes well, tell him you look forward to the next date, give him a kiss. most importantly just be yourself


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  • Hey! don't overthink it or anything, just relax! and don't take it too seriously, have fun... Poeple don't normally like 1rst dates because I can turn into interviews, especially at a restaurant! so be yourself, confident and enjoy it :)

    at the end, let him know if you had a good time and want to see him again, if you dont, just say thanks.

    have a nice date, good luck x