GIRLS ; Why are you mean to a Guy you talk to for no reason... Act smart towards him... READ BELOW?

So there was a girl called Rebecca who used to talk to me and she was nice to me. Even at a club night she was nice and even danced with me and was friendly.

Sometimes she would be quiet while she saw me in public and sometimes she would talk to me.

But one day, she met up with her friend ( who I know) and they told me to come to a restaurant.

We caught a bus to the restaurant. On the bus ride, she was talking about nationalities of guys, she found attractive.

She listed 6 nationality of guys she found attractive and listed my race as the last of the 6 nationalities.

I thought it was weird she did that and also sometimes she avoided me for no reason.

Girls opinion please.



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  • She may just feel like you are her friend. Have you ever show her that you are interesting in her?

    • Thanks:)

      But it was awkward she would talk about her preferences for guys right in FRONT of me and mention my nationality the last out of her 6 picks.

      Didn't she realise I was with her?

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    • Skip it for girl things. If say your in the first it may makes you ran away too.

    • So she is purposely saying my ethnicity as the last one.

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  • Girls always have their reasons for giving a guy the cold shoulder. Sometimes the reasoning is under normal circumstances remote, however for the girl it could be a big deal depending on a number of reasons (such as something small reminding her of a bad memory).
    Sometimes, and I know this is hard for guys to understand, girls avoid guys so the guy will pay more attention to her without her having to try. You will think about why she is avoiding you and talk to her about it.

    • so why is this girl hurting me or annoying me for no reason?

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    • No she came up with the nationalities list and mentioned my nationality last.

      I didn't even say anything about it at all.

    • I personally think you shouldn't take offence :)

  • Maybe she likes you?

    • Thanks :) But the thing is she mentioned my nationality as her LAST preference out of the 6.
      So she is being rude to me for no reason...

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