I tell myself it doesn't matter... but does it?

This, feeling guilty and sad for not dating, began a few years ago. I wish I could go back in time to where it didn't matter if you were dating, or if you had kissed someone before, or how far you'd gone.
I'm not interested in a relationship, but all my friends seem to be. They constantly nag me about boys and how I'm never going to get one because of my interests, how I dress, and how I look.
It hurts.
It shouldn't bug me, but it does.
And, to make matters even more complicated, I don't think I'm straight, and I'm 13, so no one takes me seriously when I tell them that.
Because it's 'just teenage hormones' and 'you're going to date a boy.'
And that's that.

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  • No, it should bug you, so everything is fine.


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  • you don't need to be dating, especially at your age. additionally there is such a thing as asexual, where you are not sexually attracted to anyone, and you seem to think your lesbian because you're not interested in boys. I would certainly say that despite all of this at your age you could just be a late bloomer, I've known plenty of people who don't date until they are well into their 20's (myself being among them) and there is nothing wrong with never dating at all.

    • I am positive I'm not lesbian... Like I said, I know I like both guys and girls, but, again, no one takes me seriously when I tell them. I appreciate the answer, though! :)

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