Best places to meet guys and have it be easy to have them approach etc... just curious in general guys?

Just curious as to what people responses are!


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  • Places where I'm most perceptive to female:
    -A low-key sports bar or dive
    -House parties
    -Seasonal Festivals
    -Sporting events
    -Community fairs
    -Walking down the street
    -The auto shop
    -The gym
    -The registrar of Voters
    -The DMV
    -The farmer's market
    -National Parks
    -The beach
    -The pool

    Places where I'm not really paying attention.
    -The Grocery store (I'm in the zone. And I'm usually broke. And my headphones are usually on)

    That's kind of it, really.


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  • grocery store, just go stand near a guy and let small talk turn into Potential big talk lol

    I've had girls say "omg i hate spearmint then quickly look at me while smiling " like hey lets talk

    • Haha good tip ;) Lol except so many people have headphones in these days :L

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    • HA well if you live in the UK you know it

    • usa st louis Missouri

  • Well you can go to a bar but then you'll just get approached by violent meat heads who aren't the nicest people, unless of course you like those people. If not get a good job.

  • Go to any major gathering place where interaction is pretty much the norm.


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