Why does he keep telling me he likes me?

So I've been seeing this guy, he's super sweet and attractive. We lay around and cuddle a lot. He's a great kisser above and below the belt..

Anyways, he's mentioned countless times that he "likes" me. And I know that means he's fond of me and finds me very attractive and I feel the same about him. But why does he say it everytime we hang out? I'm not sure where he wants to lead the conversation or if he wants more out of what we have, something less casual. I usually say I do too, Etc. But he continues to say it.



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  • he wants more than just casual relationship... HE WANTS YOU TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!

    by the way is that you in your profile pic... cause you look like agelina jolie

    • Hmm I'll casually bring it up next time he says it. I'm just kind of hesitant to be anything more with him because he constantly likes the same girls pictures on Facebook, and they're way more stylish than me. So it feels like im not up to par. So he could just be needy and desperate for anyone because he seems to be moving fast, but that's why I'm iffy about him. Maybe I'm overreacting?

      And that is Angelina when she was much younger :) she's bae.

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    • yaa take it slow... you should upload your own pic by the way

    • Well we already had sex and stuff, so I guess we can just keep being casual for a while. I'll wait until he literally says "I want you to be my girlfriend".

      And I probably will :)

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