GIRLS ; Why would you NOT believe when a guy compliments you... READ BELOW?

So 2 girls who were part of some missionary group approached me while I was walking.

We had a good conversation and were smiling. One of the girls just goes around the corner and she said she will be back later.

The other girl who was standing was having a conversation and then I complimented on her smile, " You have a very catchy smile ".

She was like, " Is it in a good or bad way".

I told her it was good and she said ," Ok".

She remained quiet throughout.

After a few minutes she was like " you should come to our meetings" and get in touch and gave her number.

So girls why do you NOT believe in compliments.


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  • a lot of girls are self conscious or have trust issues some guys just compliment girls for sex also that's why

    • What do u think this girl thought about me when I complimented her?

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    • ok... I at least believe ur compliments; I meant to say ur advice

      Thanks for your help... Appreciate it =D

    • Not a problem message me if you need anything

  • Because some of them are BS.

    • If I complimented you what I said above, would you think it's BS?

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