This girl I like is my friends ex?

lately me and K have been getting closer no flirting but just closer and she's a fantastic person who's beautiful but weve only became friends she reacts bad to compliments and my old friend is her ex


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  • If he's not your friend anymore, then who cares? Date who you want.


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  • If it's your old friend then you probably wouldn't ask for dating advice from him or talk to him about your relationship which is always a big problem when dating friends ex's. Ask this mate of yours if he's cool with you and her together and go from there.


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  • Bros before hoes.

    You must honor the sacred Bro Code. Your Bro's ex/cousin/sister/aunt/mother/grandmother/etc is always off limits.

    Sorry bro. That's just the way it is.

    • but he's not my friend anymore

    • It would still be a stab in the back. And if you terminated friendship under bad circumstances, that might sound great but, what if you wanted to be friends again?

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