Girls when your busy or something bad happens to you when do you usually let a guy text or call you? Should I call her next month?

I have been giving this girl space for a month. she does not have any post updates on Facebook. ( holloween and beyond) She had something bad happen to her , but she like to shut off people when negative things happen to her. She says she miss talking to me. I really don't understand female behavior. She was sick last time we spoke. She did seem overwhelmed. She refuses to talk to me about what ever is bothering her. Girls advice...


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  • A month? She's not interested. Time to move on...

    • ok, I had thought so. I really though just sending a quick text and calling it quits after that

    • she end up calling me, she had surgery. Seemed really sorry for ignoring me and did not mean it. explain that?

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