What's the point of casual dating?

what's the point behind casual dating? You just take out random women women to dinner and just keep repeating that and it goes nowhere. I mean isn't it just a waste of money and time, taking out random women and find them dinner and a movie just so you have someone to go with and it doesn't lead anywhere?


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  • Would you rather marry the first woman you meet? You don't wanna explore all your options? You think the first date you go on is gonna be with the perfect person and you won't have to go on dates again?

    • I know that when you first start dating it starts out casual but what I'm saying is why do people just want a casual date without it going anywhere ever no matter how many dates you go on?

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    • so what's the point of dating If it won't end in a relationship? I mean you might as well just hang out with your friends and do the same thing

    • Maybe you wanna have sex at the end? Meet new people?

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  • Companionship without the commitment because you're busy..., or not strong enough to start a real relationship, but you don't wanna feel like a loser. An Excuse to dress up and go eat a nice dinner... tons of reasons.

    • let'out be honest the real reason is for sex not just to Go out to dinner..

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    • she's married to.. I was friends with @earlobelover.. Lets not talk about this

    • Not only doesn't asker want to talk about it!!! He's IGNORING my comments!!

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  • Go out, socialize, meet new people, have some fun, maybe have some sexy fun, maybe meet someone amazing.

    If you thin that's a waste of time and money then that's fine, enjoy whatever hobbies you have but I like meeting pretty girls.

    • so you would take out women and spend money on them just to hang out with him? Come on

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    • Im not bitter.. Im just new to dating

    • How much longer are you going to use that excuse... that you're new to dating?

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