Beginning To Lose Hope?

I'm very happy with what I have accomplished in life. I went to college and finished. Was in the military for a bit as well. Have a nice job that I enjoy, and I am on my way to becoming a published author as well.

I also consider myself to be an action guy. I take yoga classes, spin classes, MMA classes and I surf on occasion during my downtime. I can also be described as a quiet and shy guy, but I am very open with people and I only want aspiring and motivated people around me.

Despite this... I always feel down about my love life. I have a few friends that I have known since elementary school. Very good guys... but they don't do much. They just play soccer and video games. For example, my best friend, stays inside all day long. He was invited to a party and decided to go. He met this girl (she approached first) and they've been dating four 4 years.

While I lead a proactive lifestyle, I can't seem to get women to like me. I am bad with women, so I have strived to get better. Been on 6 dates this month and kissed a few girls. Even though I thought the dates were great... these women stop contacting me after the first date. If I text them and ask them how they are, no reply. It's like they instantly loose interest in me.

I try to take an optimistic look at life... but this is just killing me inside.

I mean... I am not trying to sound like a douche-bag here. I just don't understand how some guys can effortlessly get laid or how my friends can get women when they don't even do anything. I lead an active lifestyle, but I can't attract women.


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  • There's hope for you some where just keep your head up


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  • wow she approached him first? thats a surprised, are you implying you have always been single or just for way too long?