Guy ignoring me purposely? Why?

guy i like who stared at me like a stalker is now ignoring me he would stare into my eyes until i was uncomfortable. i told him he was cute but he didn't say anything he flits with girls in front of me and makes sure i notice why does he want me jealous? he posted a pic of himself with a huge hickey on his neck that looks kinda fake after i took my friend request back.. i like him and i dont know what to do i cry at night sometimes really hard and wake up with swollen eyes i feel very heart broken at times and i feel like i love him I've never had a bf before and im shy and awkward i think he can tell this about me do you all think he is a bad guy? thanks in advance


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  • Omg bae. Ok he's flirting with girls in front of u and make su jealous and posts a pic of him with a "hickey" bc well he dosen't wanna seem desperate. Even though he is bc he is stareing at u like a stalker. Guys do it all the time. He's giving u "mixed signals". He likes u but he's saying I don't want 2 seem desperate. He is flirting, posting bc if u don't like him back 4 him he will demonstrate he dosen't care and he got over it like that. He dosen't wanna seem desperate so he's potraying to keep his options open by the flirting and hickey. U need 2 tell him u like him or he won't stop. He's testing the waters with u.