Is he just not interested?

He says he likes me and when we are together we have a blast. Even my friends say there's a definite connection. And he is the sweetest guy in the world but he doesn't seem to make much effort to talk to me or make plans. We have very recently just started hanging out, like 2 or 3 weeks ago. And the last time we hung out he did kiss me. When I asked him about it, he said that he has really low self esteem and after his ex he's just kind of gotten shy about making moves but he said he likes me and thinks I'm awesome. Should I believe him and just take things really slow or should I believe his actions more and take it as he's just not that interested.


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  • His actions might well be influenced by his experiences with his ex, so you could take that at face value.
    He says he likes you, and you say you have a blast with him.
    Ask him more about it. The more you understand about it, but less you'll worry :) and getting know each other more is meant to be FUN :D

    • It is about the fun and I'm enjoying it but I'm also pretty jaded from past relationships so it's hard for me to believe him when his actions don't match.

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    • You're probably freaking out cos you care :) that's pretty normal, just keep it in check as best you can.

    • Will do. Thank you!

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  • Please do. I just messed up the same way with a girl i liked. Hoping that he is the same as i am. Wants to do the best but just can't because of his own issues. Pull him true it !!

    • Well it makes me feel better that he's not the only one. I mean I hope a guy wouldn't tell me that he likes me if he really didn't. Lol. So should I just start making the first move like asking him out or texting him. He told me that I confused him and he seemed shocked that I actually liked him... maybe he just needs some convincing that I do?

    • Go for it ! If he truly likes you all wil work out fine.

  • Beleive him. He's telling you the truth. Men would rather show themselves as powerful and confident. He's opening up to you and is telling you his weaknesses. That means he trusts you and wants you to understand him. It's actually a really good sign.

    • So I should just take it slow with him and keep doing what I'm doing? I want him to trust me when I tell him that I like him and I don't think he believes me. Hahaha.

    • Hard to say. My approach is to always be direct. If I don't know, I ask. But that's just me.

    • Ok thanks!

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