Should I ask this girl out? She's giving mixed signals.

So in college on the second day of school I notice a girl and her friend sat closer to me, a week after the first day of school me and girl 1 ( the one im crushing on) started talking just about random things. Every day before class she would come in a little early ( I dont know why) and I would come in early just to talk with her before class. We only have Tuesday and Thursday class together, and sometimes ill see her in the halls and say hi on other days. I've always wanted to ask her out but was to afraid to, I've never had a girlfriend before. Last week we were talking about Facebook and i told her " I barely go on it" she said the same, as I was going to my car after class I checked Facebook and saw she sent me a friend request, I accepted and saw that she is in a relationship with another guy. I find it weird she never brought her boyfriend up before. Every time me and her talk she is always showing body language like she likes me (playing with hair, eye contact, turning toward me) so I always figured she kind of liked me. I asked my friend about this and he said "her boyfriend isn't satisfying her, you should go for it", but I dont know about his advise. I really want to ask her out but dont know if I should. This is my first time kn this site, and the main reason I made an account was for this question. Any suggestions?

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  • Don't ask her out, she will reject you.

    Now that you can clearly see she is in a relationship, I want you to do the following

    --Smile a lot when you are around her, make good eye contact
    --Study with her for the classes, make it buddy buddy, keep going to the library with her
    --Before and after classes, offer for her to join you for food at the resident halls
    --Get her number but in a matter of fact, serious tone of voice, offhandedly ask for her number in case you'd need it for class notes, do not call or text right away.
    --Talk about all the cool parties you go to, all the friends you have, all the women you are talking to, but be discreet, make stuff up if you have to do boost your social status
    --When you two get closer, start touching you like on the arm or shoulder whenever you talk, to create a physical bond
    --Get to know her really well, but don't say that you "want to get to know her" just be a good conversationalist, find commonalities, similar interests, etc. Get her to talk about her ambitions, goals, inspirations
    --If she brings up her boyfriend in any way, say "I'm interested in learning about how you two met, tell me what you first liked about him when you met him"
    --If she puts down her boyfriend in any way, like if he is being an asshole or anything, do not agree with her, say the opposite, like "oh I bet he's okay, he's not really a jerk or an asshole" and quickly change subject. Psychologically, she will find ways of defending her argument of him being a jerk or asshole.
    --Talk about how you love intimacy, respect, communication, etc. And how you'd love to met a girl like that. But do this on separate occasions.
    --Find out what she dislikes about her boyfriend by asking incidental questions, and then be the opposite of that.
    --Ask her to join you for events you were already going to, be friendly and offhand about it, like you go to these events and would go even if she said no, during those events, show her an awesome

    • show her an awesome time. Eventually, she will like hanging out with you and then start texting friendly things, also, switch subjects any time her bf is being a jerk, why? You don't want to become the shoulder she cries on for that, always disagree he is a jerk and the switch subjects to something else.


    • I know, I've been steal girlfriends since my trial and error showed me how back since 2002, select as most helpful answer dude.

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  • ask her out and talk to her about it

  • Get to know her first as a gentleman then work your way to askin her ou


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