He's vanished from my life? URGENT!!?

My boyfriend is an actor. He went to rugged terrain area in the north east to shoot for his upcoming feature offbeat film. Since September.
All was OK until 17th November. Before 17th, he was actively coming on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and updating or sharing his photos.

He last shared his photo on 16th and was seen on Whatsapp on 17th.
But after 17th, he has vanished from all sites. Not even online at midnight.
1am-3am is most preferred time and he is always up at night but now he's not there at that time as well.

He can't be so busy shooting that does not even have 1 min to spare. He used to be very active even when he was extremely busy.

If he can't post during day, he would come at midnight, I know him.

I got worried and called him up but all times it said switched off, number not available or does not exist.

I sent many messages on Facebook but none have been seen by him.

What could have happened? please help!

He has two phones. I wonder why he's not using apps or contacting through his iphone


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  • Have you called his place of work? If not, don't panic yet, maybe he broke or lost his phone.

    • I dont know any of his directors or people.

    • Oh well, they probably have a company website, just call they're contact and you'll probably get a secretary, just ask if he/she can look up your boyfriend. (Unless it's a REALLY big company then you need to find a branch number)

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  • That's a difficult one, because, although it seems a little suspicious, it could just be his current work load. I would just be sure to talk to him before you conclude the worst.

    • what do you mean by suspicious?

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    • No because his phone is switched off since 2 weeks

    • They could simply walk their phone over to him, and then you could ask him.

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