Why do guys give you more attention when you're distant?

It's like he wants me to flirt with him too/make the first move but I feel like if I initiate when "he" doesn't feel like it, he'll act completely uninterested. So when I retreat in self defense and stop giving him affection, he's all over me. I don't get it? Why don't guys get the same feeling girls get when you show us a lot of love? I would honestly be content if he was all over me every day, but if I were to do that he wouldn't like it. It's so annoying. Can someone please give me some insight on this? Some days I feel like he couldn't give a shit about me then others it seems like I'm so important to him. Sometimes when I'm having a "really" good day I'd like someone to mirror that.. not act bored. :/


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  • My boyfriend does this as well. Its called taking advantage of someone. When I completely stop showing my boyfriend affection for like a day when I'm really upset that's when he uses a shit load of smiley faces & calls me babe 24/7. Guys are complicated and I kinda wish I knew why they did this too.

    • Ugh that's so annoying! I try to stay positive even when his distance is killing me cause I never wanna come off as clingy or annoying, but he can always somehow tell when I'm upset and showers me in affection. I seriously hate getting to that point where my stomach is in knots and I feel like crying because I feel like he doesn't like me anymore. I don't like feeling toyed with.. hopefully some guys can help us understand. :(

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    • Am I overthinking it then? Should I just do my own thing on the days he doesn't wanna give me attention? lol

    • yeah, just act whatever. act like you don't care. see how his reaction is.

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  • He sounds like he is young and just after attention, a lot of the younger guys are like this.


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