Opening up... What it means, and how to go about doing it?

How does one open up to someone, without coming across as "weak" "insecure" or whatever else? What does it mean to open up?

Does it mean, talking about one's past? One's future?

I'm seeing this girl, and i would like to open up to her when i next see her. But i don't fully understand what it means to open up, and i'm not really sure how to go about doing it?

I've got a history, as well as my dreams and aspirations for the future. My grandma has cancer, my grandpa died of cancer... are these things one would share when "opening up?" Or are these just normal topics of conversation?

Please explain it in simple terms so i can understand it and know what it means :)


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  • Opening up means to open up your heart to someone, who u really are beneath the small talk and the facade we all wear

    • For me it usually happened naturally with my friends, but even they don't know certain things about me like why I want to become a writer, why i joined the army. So i've never really given it much thought, but now that i found this girl, i want to communicate to her. I want her to understand me, and i want to understand her. I'm normally reserved and it takes time for me to open up about feelings or secrets, mostly because i've never understood how to do it, or what sort of things to open to...
      So if i spoke about my past, and told her why i want to become a writer, would this be opening up to her? But won't it be weird if i just did it out of the blue?

    • You can't rush opening up, it comes with time and increased comfort levels. There is no hurry just let it happen naturally

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  • Noooo.. that's to early to share ur personal stuffs with. Opening up means to break away from ur shyness and talk more with her. Simply means don't be closeminded or antisocial and be confident around that person without fear of embarrassment or depression.

    • I've known here for a few months, although we only started seeing each other 2 weeks ago. since then we've gone out or done stuff together now 3 times... Is it really too early?

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    • I get what you're saying. We talk a lot when we are together, we haven't yet broken the touch barrier apart from hugging (and the kiss we shared the first time we went out). I've never been with anyone before, so I'm still uncertain about various aspects in a romantic relationship.
      I've sung to her before, which i don't normally do if i'm not comfortable with a person. I just want to understand what "opening up" means... Should i tell her i've never been in a relationship before, or is it still too soon?

    • There's no need for u to open up cuz u alrdy bypass it urself. Yes u could, I think she would like to hear it that ur her first LUV and maybe special to be that person.

  • Show her some parts and sides of yourself that you don't give to just anybody. Male yourself vulnerable and talk about experiences and life events, as well as desires, that are emotional for you.