Please help important !!!?

Went on beautiful date 8 hours first date.. Ice cream, arcade, coffee, beach, walk, kissed near the end for one hour... Looked in each other eyes held each other felt mad sparks connection, she Held me because I was cold... Sang for me, told me amazing stories... Sent me a snap the next day saying smile of the day... Ok I think we almost fell in love... So I asked her if she's free next week she says " I'm not free for the next 2 weeks because of finals work and studying"". When I first asked her out she said I can chill this week but not next cause of finals so that's true... My question is she telling the truth.. Probably but what do I do keep in touch? I don't want to seem desperate,,, I last talked to her Monday we went out Saturday.. I'm thinking call her Friday or Saturday wish her luck see how she's doing,,, ask her if she's free or say when ur free lets chill I got a surprise for you... What's your advice ladies... Do I wait that long to call or text or call her sooner please any input...


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  • I won't wait to long. Send her a text asking how's she going

    • Ya so is calling her Friday waiting to long?

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    • You go for it. Hope it worked out

    • Stupid iPad not putting the the s on it's

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  • Text her! As soon as you can. She will LOVE that. Don't worry about seeming deseperate, I guarantee you she will beam ear to ear with a silly goofy grin. Ask her too when you can call her and then call her when she says.

    • Ha talked to her on the phone 2 hours seeing her Saturday... First date she dry humped me.. We kissed lol... But she said she felt bad cause she felt she moved to fast and used me.. But she wants to go another date... So now I'm not sure if I should still kiss her

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  • A simple hi and good luck message is fine. A text to just say hi and what u up to is fine. She will let u know if its too much but the date sounds like a blast so I'm sure she can't wait the same as u for for round 2

    • Thanks what u mean she'll let me know what? But ya it was a blast and if it doesn't work out well her loss lol... I hope it does tho

    • She will let u know if u start texting too much but I'm sure it won't come to that and she will want u to keep in touch with her until the next date

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