Shall I text him or not?

I'm pretty old fashioned I don't peruse men so that means not texting/calling first when dating until committed. Anyway this guy I've know a year or so has asked me out for coffee (day after My husband and I got back together) so I obviously said no but a few months later my husband and I broke up again and this guy contact me a few weeks later asking me out again. I really like him and agreed to go but I couldn't for another 2 weeks as my ex-husband went away for work and he wasn't here for his times/days/weekend with our kids. This guy has a child of his own so he understood and said he would wait and for me to text when I'm available. This was all last Friday , he liked a pic I shared on Facebook 2 days ago but I haven't heard from him and I haven't contacted him. My ex has said he is due back early now (this Friday) so he will be able to have his weekend with the kids after all. Now should I text this guy to tell him I'm now available for a date this weekend or will Iook to eager? Should I wait to hear from him or just text him next week?


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  • Just wait to hear.

    • Will he not think I'm not interested though?

    • It's a risk.

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  • text him and tell ur available it'll look like ur not interested if u wait he obviously sed he'll wait for u to tell him wen ur available and he's not playing games so just text him and say my ex told me he's due back early so he can have the kids after all so if ur still up for that coffee would be great

    • I liked and commented on a link he shared yesterday but decided not to pm him. He liked my pic and pm'd me this morning so I'm guessing he is interested :/

    • well yeah just be honest with him the last thing u want to do is come across as not interested