Was this the right thing to do?

So I had been speaking to this guy for months, we have never met, only spoke online. But we started to become obviously very attracted and connected to each other to the extent where we would have phone sex etc, we spoke on the phone every day for hours. He told me he liked me, and as weird as this sounds, I liked him too. However even though he wasn't my boyfriend, a few things happened that I wasn't pleased with, he would constantly talk about other girls (ones that still want to sleep with him) and once he accidentally I think, said he would still sleep with some of them. I felt very disrespected and we stopped talking for a bit, he apologised etc. This guy would talk about himself for hours, he would compliment me etc but he would never really ask direct questions about myself and my life. As he lives far away, I realised it's best we stop contact. I haven't given him a reason (I feel like I don't need to), he tried calling me the other night but I didn't answer. I also noticed since we stopped talking, he has been commenting on girls photos flirting. I feel almost a little guilty though because I follow him on Twitter, and I see his sad tweets (which seem about us) not talking anymore and makes me feel bad, but I know we're probably not compatable. Am I right? Have I done the right thing?


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  • Say something, it's so insanely annoying when people just cut contact. Just say he lives too far away for anything real to happen and you think you should stop talking to each other, it's understandable. Leaving someone wondering what happened is never the right thing to do.


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