Flirting/ does he like me?

I have a this connection with a friend of mine. We flirt, and things are implied, but never acting upon. Last week he called me stunning and then invited me out with some fiends to the cinema. He brought a date, but I caught him staring at me a couple of times. He stared at me before on multiple occasions and also around girls he's dating.
I'm getting tired of all the confusion.

Does he like me? What do you think? Do men call women stunning if they don't mean it?


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  • Sounds like he just wants to make you jealous, he wants a reaction out of you.

    • Well I guess he's succeeded then. :(
      That seems incredibly dumb though. What does making me react do for him?

    • Well what we as girls often forget is while we are stressed and annoyed about the fact he isn't asking us out, we forget that its just as stressful for him because he is scared of being rejected. So he wants to know if your into him before asking you out, that way he can avoid rejection, and whats the easy way to do that? Make you jealous, once he sees you are affected by other women flirting with him he knows that you feel something for him, which gives him that little bit of confidence to ask you out.

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  • No
    we call them stunning when we want them


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  • Do you feel a seXual vibe Around him?