So, I need to help on this situation?

I'm in college and there was this guy who came up to me for days after class. Well, he finally got my number. We have hung out a few times. I've made it clear to anyone that no matter who with I woukd kinda like a relationship being I've been single two years. Well, he kisses me and what not. However, he made the comment that is main focus is school which is cool I respect that, but he also said nothing matters right now to him. He wants to get his degree and what not. Which I do as well but I don't want to isolate myself from the dating world at the same time. I guess what I'm trying to ask is if he kisses me, does other physical things (not sex) and makes a point to hang out with me am I ultimately wasting my time on this guy... I mean I find him intriguing and like I said I kinda want to date again. Not right away but I would like to have something by this coming summer. But if this guy doesn't want anything I don't wana waste my time and energy on him.


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  • Depends on how you play this
    if you keep telling him that yr statement in school was final than yes u r wasting your time but you slide him small amounts of talks on the prospect of you wanting a relationship later he might be interested

    • I haven't said any aspect of wanting a relationship besides when I was asked what I really wanted and I said it doesn't matter most men can't give it to me. He asked what it was and I simply said something real. I'm not sure how to go about this to be honest after him saying nothing else matters to him right now. I think I'm just going ti wait for him to intiate conversation with me. If he doesn't oh well I guess.

    • hmmmm well just be careful
      we tend to get a little extra stupid when we are psychical with someone

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