Christmas Presents In A Relationship. Advice Please?

Dating someone for a few months now... Should Christmas be a conversation had or should I just assume we are getting presents and purchase him something? I really don't know and don't want him to feel bad if he doesn't get me anything. Should he automatically get me something?

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So I asked if he wanted to exchange presents and he said "oh no, that would be horrible." & then he smiled at me... I didn't know how to respond lol so what now? Help haha
I am the type of person to take thing literally


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  • The best thing is to clear the air If you're unsure. I've been in a relationship with my woman for just over a month. I am sure about how things are and so I got her something. I know it won't get weird. If you're not sure, talk. No substitute for communication.

    • Please see update. :)

    • Don't get him anything. If he gets you something, he wants to feel generous and magnanimous. Give him that.

      If he does get you something, you have a choice to make. You can either reject the gift and set the tone that he can't play these games with you. Which could break things up. Or you can accept the gift and set the tone that you can accep kindness and then return the favor later by maby making him a romatic dinner followed by a night of passionate love making.

      I guarantee you, whatever you were planning to get him will not top that.

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  • Conversation.

    • Initiated by me or him? Should I just simply ask if he wants to exchange gifts?

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    • Please see update. :)

    • Give him a present anyway. If he was joking, awesome, if he was not, awesome anyway.

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  • We were driving in his car and he just randomly brought it up he ask me "So what do you want for Christmas?" (This was a few weeks ago) I was surprised but happy to know he was already thinking about it. So just go ahead and ask what he wants. :)

    • Please see update. :)

    • Well if anything just get him something he would like but not cost much. (Ebay is awesome for that.) also a thing to lookout for would be where you guys are spending Christmas. Thats always a good indication of where the relationship is going

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