How can I get a date for the dance?

How can I get a date for homecoming? I'm a freshman, and it'd be nice to get a date for my first hc. (:

but... I'm a little shy, and it doesn't seem like guys like me very much.

i never feel good or pretty enough for them to like to or wanna talk to me.

and another thing is, I don't really see any cute freshmen I wanna get to know, but maybe there's still a chance?

what can I do to meet more guys, and get asked?

or if I end up going single, any tips or tricks for the actual dance so I can at least dance with a few guys?

thanks. :D


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  • Lol, I like what you said bout the honors. Anyway, just relax and find a guy or guys that you would like to get to know. just like accidentally bump into them in the hall and just start a conversation with them. But really for hc, you should go with a guy friend of yours so you can just chill out and talk because high school dances are pretty much just grinding or bobbing back and forth. Then if you get a guy turned on he might try and force himself onto you since he doesn't know you. I suggest not asking the upper classman either cause a lot of those guys would take advantage of u. Its actually quite funny watching the people bob as they just move back and forth. I don't know I've just been going off of what I've seen other guys do.


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  • The sure way? Pay for it. In fact, if you had no shame, you could come up to some guy you kinda like and say, I'll pay you $X to go to homecoming with me. Lol, so different guys will respond differently. The funny thing is guys who like you will laugh and accept and you will have disarmed the guy quite a bit by then. But of course it's not a very classy way of doing it!

    Just to get a date for homecoming, you can play any game on the books, since you are not in it for love from the beginning.

    Unfortunately, I have no more tips for you. I am not even sure you can take what I said seriosly.

  • if there´s really no one you like you shouldn´t force it because what´s the point.

    You don´t need a "date " to enjoy prom and maybe you´ll have more fun with your friends than on a date that sucks in the end.

    maybe it sounds funny coming from a guy but you should never base ur self - confidence on what guys think about you or if you do or don´t have a date for prom.

    to meet new guys just participate in stuff outta your usual circle and eventually there will be someone interesting. and if it isn´t in time for prom so what!

    i know the dating game can suck but ur beautiful and you´ll get trough it

  • yeah start calling the people you like or give them ure number.. I kno you said ureshy but ure gonn have to open up cause believe me... Guys Are Way More Shy then girls are so if you like someone start flirting with them and se were that takes u, and looking at ue picture you should have nothing to worry about (;

    • Ahh that's the thing. I don't like any of the guys I know or the ones that are in my classes.

      i'm in honors so a lot of them are nerdy or weirdos. (no offence. haha. just not date or boyfriend material.)

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    • That's kind of weird because I'm in honors and all the better looking guys are in honors class. :@

    • Lucky. :p haha.

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