Intimacy turned to nothing?

I've been seeing this girl for 2 months we had great intimate sex, we spent lots of time together which is not her character and most importantly we shared some deep personal secrets. She was going through some issues and our whole dynamic changed and all or intimate moments stopped. Just recently she told me she didn't have the energy for a relationship but she wanted to be there for me as I'm going through some terrible times. It made me feel rejected and I told her we couldn't be friends as my feelings were too strong. I regret that and honestly think she's the perfect woman for me, what should I do I want her in my life and I cut off ever other girl I was talking too to try to build something with her, we never called ourselves together yet again she told me she wasn't sleeping with anyone else at all and nor was I. I'm wreckingy brain about this girl. She's incredibly honest and I'm a giver I do my best to show her that I'll be that for her. I just don't know how to proceed as I don't want to be relegated to friends, do I wait it out or cut her from my life


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  • I have to know exactly what her issues where. Please explain in detail?


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  • You need to back off a bit and re-evaluate things... ONE of you guys is confusing something.
    1) either she is not used to a guy that is as "giving" as you are and thinks you are lying, girls tend to do that when something seems to be too good to be true.. they run. or
    2) these "Strong" feelings you have may just be from those 2 months of intimate sex. maybe you don't want her, you just want the sex. its easy to confuse love and lust.
    You need to back up and check yourself. one way to find out if its love or if its lust is to ask yourself what you like about her... your answers will decide what path you are on.