Is this a sign that we should break up?

I met this girl a while ago we were just friends we liked it each but i had a girlfriend. I was single then we started going out about 2 months ago. Everything is great i like her and she likes me but sometimes i feel like the feeling goes away in both of us. I care for her and i know she cares for me. There are days that she texts me during the day just to say that she misses me and there are days that she doesn't. when i call her she seems kinda bored and doesn't want to talk sometimes leading to boring conversations. I feel she likes me then i feel she doesn't. I like her probably more then she likes me. What should i do should i talk to her about it or wait to see if things change. We are both 19 she's my first girlfriend and im her first boyfriend. i think because she has never had a boyfrined she doesn't know how to act or something like that. i dont know im confused.


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  • There's no spark. There's gotta be a spark or something.


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  • How could she be your 'first' girlfriend? In your first sentence itself, you mentioned that you had another girlfriend when you first met her. Please make your question unambiguous.


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  • Yes... there is no spark between you guys. If your inlove with someone you gotta feel a connection or at least something


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