How do I start this?

So there's a guy that I'm really attracted to so I would really like to get to know him. Problem is - I'm really awkward.
He most likely knows who I am already because he kinda knows my brother through sports. The reason why it's hard for me to contact him is; if I do and I fail he maybe will mention it to his friends and that's normal (he's a really good guy so he's not going to make fun of anyone). But the problem with that is that his friends are my brothers friends as well and if they'll hear it everybody in my town will probably know it and I would totally make a fool of myself.

But I wanna try anyway. I liked his picture on Instagram last night. I know it's a shit-thing but I don't know what else to do 'cause I'll probably never meet him in real life if I don't talk to him through cyber space haha..

So what should I do?

And yeah, I'm 17 he's 20


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What Guys Said 1

  • You speak to him via the internet to see if he is even open and interested.

    • But I'm really bad at speaking through a chat with a person. It's so unnatural for me, so I'm afraid that I won't write anything interesting and he'll just think that I'm weird

    • Well, you won't write anything interesting, he will think you odd, and that's okay because that's how it always is when we meet new people. The same thing would have happened in person. The goal is to be brave enough to be awkward.

What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly in this situation i would use the " friends " approach. Get a friend of your preferably a guy and get them to ask. But in all honesty because of the age difference he might think its childish so just be open with him. Im the same age as you and I've been in the same situation. Just tell him how you feel. in love there's always trial and error.