What to do when someone really likes you but says they can't be in a relationship right now?

I've been seeing this woman for a while and last night we went out and at the end of the night she told me she feels she can't be in a relationship anytime soon. She said she really likes me, that I've been such a positive influence in her life, and she wants to she where this could go, but that she just can't and she started crying.

I didn't really know what to do. I told her I really enjoy my time with her, and as a guy it's my first instinct to try and fix things, but that if she's made up her mind what does she think I was going to say. When we said goodbye she hugged me tight and wouldn't let go.

Any idea why she may have done this? I don't doubt her feelings for me are genuine, so what's the problem? Is she scared? We have talked about how guys have cheated on her in the past and treated her poorly, but she said she trusts me.

Anything I should do besides move on? I really do like her, but my friend says it can never work out now because if I take her back I look desperate and feminine. Should I ask her out in a month if I haven't found anyone else to see what she's up to?

How do you guys handle situations where someone really likes you but says they can't be in a relationship right now?


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  • She didn't say why she can't , and you didn't ask?

    If the situation can be fixed it's normal to want to fix it. I certainly would I dont think gender matters in that.

    The fact she left out detail means she thinks it's intractable at the moment so didn't see the point, or it means there's no reason and she just has fears.

    I'd at least just ask. She may be glad to talk about it. Otherwise worst can happen she says she doesn't want to talk about it but at least you tried. And be gracious about it w/e it is.


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  • Respect them.

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