I really want this to work BUT?

Ok, long story short…
I dated a guy for a month. During that time I actually dumped him twice because of insecurity
about if he was really into me or not.
I really thought it was over and didn't speak with him for a week.
But he contacted me and wanted to continue this.
I really, really like him and the only thing that makes me freak out is the fact that he
really wants to take things slowly after being disappointed in the past. Which I understand, I am
however worried that it won't go anywhere because of his fear. And that I will waste my time,
and end up brokenhearted.
Seeing as he came back both times and still wants to be with me, I have decided to not be so afraid
and try to trust him.
But how do I remain calm and secure when I feel that a lot of our contact is on his terms?
How can I tell him how I feel without pushing him away even more?
I know I have to regain his trust now after ending things twice, but I need to trust him too… :/


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  • This seems doomed from the start. To be honest you shouldn't have insecurities or anything like that from the start or it's not going to work. Your already thinking of failure so I would not pursue this and you don't seem ready yet.

  • If you can't trust him, don't try this for the THIRD time! What makes you think the results will be different?
    if you sense you can't trust him, if everything has to be on HIS terms, as you have said.. hey, you're right to be worried, it isn't likely to work out!


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