Why does he not invite me out with her?

My boyfriend doesn't invite me out with our mutual friends if he best friend (female) is going to be there. He invites me to every other party, outing, family events and shows me off but if she puts a night together with all our mutual friends she won't invite me and he doesn't either. When we first started talking she found out at a party and started screaming "slut". I approached her and the one to defend me was my exboyfriend. The next day she apologized and we have been civil. I was at her Halloween party and she was nice. It's clear to me she likes him though. I don't know where his heads at with it? Should I just move on? And I have talked to him about it and he invited me to the last party but she didn't show. Today is the biggest bar night and my exboyfriend has asked me what I'm doing but my current boyfriend has not -_- she made plans with him on Facebook to go out with all of our mutual friends

Ex cheated on me, I told him it would take years before I trusted him again. He's friends with me and my current boyfriend. He's not an option. Just a friend. I'm comparing because he still likes me and sometimes puts more effort then my current boyfriend.


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  • she hates you and he knows that
    they are close friends so he wants to avoid the extra tension

    • Yeah I understand that. I wish he wouldn't just cut me out though for her. I don't instigate anything though in fact I'm really nice to her. Don't know what else I can do to make him more comfortable with inviting me

    • i dont think u can do anything, let him work things out himself
      im sure he will find a way to have you both in one room

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  • Your boobs are too big for her to handle without flipping out.

    That's my theory, at least.


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  • Exactly what @Cleveland has said... Dump him completely and move on.

    It does sound rather like your ex still has a strong interest in you... Might well be worth while following this up a bit more... After all you have nothing to lose, and maybe an awful lot to gain. :)

    • My ex cheated on me and lead me on for months after when I tried to work it out. He still likes me but it's one of those things where he's just lonely

    • @SolitaireBond Easier said than done, but the right thing to do :)

    • Oh dear, am so sorry to hear that, naturally had I known I would not have suggested this.

      I still firmly believe that you should consider your options in leaving this guy though, as it strikes me he is just giving you the runaround.

      You know yourself you deserve a much happier life.

  • Wow he sounds like an asshole sorry but its true , s econd thing don't go out with him start talking to your ex because your bf is being a douche and neglecting you over his best friend beside you are his girlfriend your suppose to be his only best friend he does not need her because the reason why you guys got together is because you love each other , if he can't change and no it stop talking to her ! eave him because you will end up hurt I promise you one of these days there gonna be more then best friends πŸ™…And at the party your ex protected you but your bf didn't it seems like your bf does not care what his best friend thinks. if you guys want to stay together also tell him to invite you to where he goes or else try making a boy best friend and see if he starts doing the same your doing its like killing two birds with one stone.πŸ˜‚

  • I say move on and reconsider the ex! Sounds like a better guy all around.

    • The ex cheated on me lol can't consider him

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    • Asker ditch the bf! You are better off period.

    • Yas do i know anything about y'all and how y'all think? No.
      Do I know anything about guys and how we think? Yes.