Does he have feelings beyond "friendship"?

A male buddy of mine that asked me to hang out after all these years and that told me I'm "beautiful" is always inviting me out with his friends and introducing me to his friends. I've also noticed that he always asks me if I'm ok. From all his female friends I'm the only one that he's very attentive to I've noticed.
ANd he's always very proud to say that he's known me since we were kids.
Does he see me as more than a friend?

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P. s he was also asking me if I ever get drunk lol... why was he so curious to know?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's so attentive BECAUSE he's not that emotionally involved.. friends are like that, often more attentive than romantic interests are! They aren't worried about how you will react if they get too close, for one thing...

    • That doesn't make sense... the only time I care is if I'm emotionally attached to someone... plus I've. Noticed that I'm his only friend that he asks this to... plus we didn't talk when we were kids lol

What Girls Said 1

  • If it's a group setting then it's not a date, you're one of the guys