What Should I DO?! it's driving me nuts!

So last night, I was waiting for my boyfriend to call me so we can hang out. he didn't call me, so I got a call that my ex-best friend from middle school was in town from Idaho (I'm from California) so I text him and told him what I was going to do, and he was like fine. its cool. don't worry about it. I was like are you sure? ur not mad? he said no don't trip. so I went to the party and this morning, he was being super cold to me. I actually went to the store to buy him his fave gum, cereal & brownies.i text him around noon to let him know to call me whenever he gets a chance, he has yet to call me. what should I do?


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  • sounds like he is getting sort of distant. I'm actually feeling your pain on this one becuz my boyfriend is doing the same weird sh*t. it sounds like he doesn't care but maybe its just one of those weird phases relationships go through.just try talking to him about it. but wen you do, don't let yourself sound too needy or weakened. hope this helps.

    • Thats exactly what I don't want to do, sound clingy or needy. I'm going to impatiently wait for him to call me or text me back, I seriously don't get it. I let him go to clubs, bars, strip clubs. and he trips over on little party.. it doesn't feel good to be getting the cold shoulder

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    • Gosh, when we get our situations figured out, we have to update each other

    • Definetly. this sucks so bad. maybe they are just made becuase they weren't able to control what we were doing.lol guys tend to get touchy about control issues

  • He's obviously mad so just be patient he will come around