How to set up a fake dating profile?

How do people set up a fake profile? I've heard it is a way to check up on someone you may have or are dating. The main issue would be the pictures. Why would anyone message someone without a picture? I am not planning on doing this (not even dating now!) but I keep hearing about this practice and I am curious. Do some sites forbid this practice?

To be clear... I have no intention f doing this. I am not dating and not on a site. Just curious about what is going on in popular culture. Wondering about process, not looking for dating advice. Thanks, anyway :) Please help me with this theoretical question. Thanks!


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  • What your insecure, suspicious "friend" should do is grab someone's pictures off their blog or Tumblr to ensure they have a convincing set of the same person.

    I had someone to catfish me the other day, unluckily for them I recognized the p*rn star whose pictures (clothed) they'd used to set up their fake profile.

    • I did not mention a friend, it is me (who has no intention of doing this, as stated in the question) and I am secure enough to admit it if I wanted this information to set up a profile for myself. I am just the kind of person who is interested in what is going on in popular culture. Can't anyone just wonder about things and inquire just for the inherent value of learning about something? Thanks for your reply in any case. It was vey interesting. :)

    • Of course. For the same reason that the above information is for educational or entertainment purposes only ;)

    • Well, it seems we have very different viewpoints and ways of being in the world. I respect that. All I can say is that I am being truthful in my motivation for asking this question. So please, enough with these comments. They are not helpful. Thank-you.

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  • Dont do it... It'll just end up with someone getting hurt


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  • If you feel the need to check up on your partner by creating a fake profile to test them, then let me save you the trouble. Dump them. your relationship is already over

    • Thanks for your reply. Perhaps wasn't clear, I am not intending to do this. As I said, am not dating now nor on a site. I am just curious about the process, especially why anyone would respond with no picture, as that is such an important part of online dating. I am person who is curious about social phenomena, that's all. :)