Who to choose: the ex or the new guy? Are my emotions clouding my judgement?

I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago. We had been fighting a lot in our LDR and I finally had enough of it. I immediately started hanging out with a new guy who I am borderline dating at this point. However, I never truly got over my ex. I feel very depressed at times about my ex, wanting to go back to him. The new guy I have been seeing has been trying to help me get over these feelings and has been extremely nice to me about it.
My ex and I always fought over stupid things. I am a type A personality, he is very type B. We often fought because of this. He was my best friend though, we had a lot in common and shared a lot of firsts together. We were each other's first loves and were together for 2 years. I think what finally made me break was that I was constantly having to push him to achieve things, which we would fight about, and he is not as in touch with his emotions and goals in life as I am.
The new guy is a year younger than me, but is even more mature than me. He is extremely intelligent, rational, but in touch with his emotions. He has a lot deeper personality than my ex which I find extremely attractive, as well as the fact we want to both work in the movie industry. But, he was also raised in the upper class and often gets on my nerves bragging and raving on about his life. However, he respects my opinions more than my ex did, but is more stubborn.
I find myself in a position where I know I ended it with my ex for a reason, but still want him. I found a much nicer, wiser guy to move onto, but I almost resent the new guy because he does not live up to the experiences I had with my ex. My ex is willing to make changes and get back together with me. The new guy said he'll do anything to keep me. I feel so lost and drained. Any advice for how I can make a clear and correct decision?


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  • Write out the pros and cons.


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  • Follow your heart. Whoever is the last one on your mind before you go to sleep asf night is the one.

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