Is he confused, playing games, or just have a guilty conscious?

I met a guy at school. He said he was interested in me. I explain that I'm currently involved with someone and we live together and have a child. I also explained that the relationship was spiraling down but I'm not in a position to provide for myself and my child. I don't have family here. He says he's still interested. I spent nights at his place bit we did not always engage in sex. Lots of the time we just slept. We did have sex may 3-4 times out of 2 months. He has made dinner for me. He has taken care of me when I was sick. We really enjoy each others company. He would call me almost every night and we'd talk for hours. He'd call me late nights to come over and we didn't have sex, just talked till we fell asleep. He suggested I keep some of my things at his place. But things just stopped. He said he was catching feelings for me and what we were doing wasn't right. I respected his decision because I am involved. He asked me if I loved my bf, I said no. Its over for me but I can't move out yet due to money problems. I want a stable environment for me and my daughter when I move out. He ended thongs and now doesn't even talk to me if we see each other. Its like we are strangers... he said he still likes me and part of him wants to continue but he doesn't want to be a homewrecker


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  • He may have had a change of heart. The reality of getting serious with a woman with a child might have been more than he wanted or could handle


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