Do you think she'd ask me to hang out if I said this?

So me and this girl have been talking/hanging out for over 3 months now, but the past 4 weeks she's been too busy (either with family or schoolwork) to see me. I'm always the one to ask her to hang out, and I've told her that she can ask me to hang out too, but she says she never asks people to hang out (not even her friends).

I'm starting to get tired of asking at getting shot down, so what if I told her that it would be her responsibility to ask me to hang out? Basically, I'm not gonna ask her to hang out, and it'll be her job to ask me to hang out whenever she is free.

I was really considering telling her that, but I don't know if it'd be a good idea, because I doubt she'd ever ask me. For one, she already told me that she never asks anyone to hang out. And two, she doesn't follow through with what she says a lot. (Example: A few weeks ago after she shot me down because she was with her family, she apologized and said she'd look at her schedule for the upcoming week to see when she's be free, but never sent me anything about her being free. But I also didn't remind her about it because I didn't want to seem too clingy)

So do you think me telling her she's in charge of setting up dates/hang outs would work? Or do you think it would backfire and she'd never ask me to hang out?

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Also, I just wanted to say that I'm pretty sure that she's into me. She is almost always the one to text me first, and she always apologizes/feels bad when she's too busy to see me, so I don't think she's trying to avoid/ignore me.


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  • One of the best advice I ever got is believe people when they tell you who they are. She told you she never asks people to hang out. Now you are surprised when she does not ever ask you to hang out. Tell her you would like spending time with her and that you know she is busy but can you have a ten minute cup of coffee sometime. If she does not take you up on this or stays busy it might just mean that at the moment there is no space for you in her life the way you want to be in it.


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  • If she was into you you wouldn't be here asking this. You want permission to give an ultimatum to a girl that you aren't even dating, that's a sign.


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  • Surprise her. Maybe at her house (if you know where she lives) or work or her regular hangout. Girls love a bit of spontenuity.

    • You do not surprise a girl you aren't even dating at home or work, unless you are a teenager. Women living on their own don't need guys following them around, that's creepy stalker behavior.

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