Guys, would you date a girl who wears a hijab?

Would you guys if you liked her? Dating her means that she'll allow huging and hand holding and kisses on the cheeck but no sex or makeout sessions. would you date her?


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  • Once in a committed relationship the couple should do heavy petting with everything above the waist and the girl gives the guy periodic hand jobs to release sexual tension.

    Once engaged, a virgin gal that wants to wait for marriage can do so successfully if she is willing to expand her sexual pleasuring areas enough to keep the guy interested in waiting for her.

    If the guy has to wait years for her, she is going to have to French kiss him, let him fondle and suck her breasts, give him regular warm safflower oil hand jobs and let him eat her. She should also give him blow jobs and swallow his sperm. If she wants anal sex, she can do that as well, but it not required from my point of view.

    The reason the girl should swallow some of his sperm and he should eat the girl and drink down some of her vaginal secretions is for bonding. A couple does not bond in a phony church... they bond in the bedroom by absorbing each others bodily fluids and making the other person part of their very being. When the girl gets pregnant and is lactating the guy should suckle her and drink her breast milk as well for additional bonding to her.

    Now, this scenario also benefits the girl. If she gets a guy that can wait 3 years with no sex... what happens if the guy turns out to be a queer that vomits at the sight and smell of her vag?

    If the hymen is your god, then by all means keep it intact for marriage... but goddamn pleasure every other sensual area that can be pleasured boys and girls! Always try before you buy!

    Now, if the girl is a Muslim, no I would not date her or have anything to do with here. Muslims are like rabid dogs.


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  • I don't think I would like the idea of a relationship where the deepest level of intimacy was that of an 11 year old's.

  • Nope, and it's not the hijab, but the lack of physical connection.

  • Nope. Nothing against her, she's probably a decent girl, but I'd rather not potentially get into a bad situation. For all I know, she has a zealot brother or cousin who would go crazy "honor killing" because I'm not Muslim. Not dealing with that shit.


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