Should I be more aggressive?

He has a bad relationship history, which leads me to think he's insecure.
He knew we were being set up when we met, he was very nervous and polite.
Its nearing 2 months since we met and he hasn't made solid plans for us to see each other again. I give him the benefit of the doubt because its slightly long distance.
He texts me a couple times a week.
He is only mildly flirty, never says anything too forward, and responds a lot more & is a lot more flirtatious when I start the conversation.
Sometimes he stops texting me personally in favor of a group conversation with mutual friends.

Should I be more aggressive & ask him whats up? Or if he's wanting to take things slow will that scare him and/or make me look needy?


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  • I would ask him straight up if he's looking to pursue or what. 2 months is too long to determine if you like someone and if you should make a move. Ask him what he wants.


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