I'm so crushed I want to cry?

Short story-
This guys likes me and I like him but he has madeout with a ton of people. And it grosses me out. And I haven't had my first kiss so I want someone that hasn't had there's but I really like him.

Long story-

so this started in 2012 when we were in 7th grade. I was 12 and he was 14. I'm 14 now and he is 16. So This guy likes me and like him but he has had a ton if gfs over the years like 4 or 5 and the whole time he said he liked me and I remeber him flirting with me and hearing people say he likes me. So I know it's true. So over the summer him and a girl made out with there tops off and slept with her but didn't have sex. ( her bra was off too and she was wearing short shorts ) and he has made out with all of the girls he has dated. And this really grosses me out and he did this while he liked me. ( the reason he didn't talk to me is 1. He knew I couldn't date 2. He said I was out of his league and felt like he didn't have once chance with me ) and I wanted to always be someone's first bc I would be theirs. And this freaks me out.
Am I over reacting? Or what? I'm so confused and Im in tears as I'm writing this please help! and he also said he would wait two years for me to date. And says all this sweet stuff to me.

  • It's the past.
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  • I understand that's kinda gross
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  • Try to forgive him.
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  • Don't mess with him he just thinks ur pretty and is willing to wait to make out with u
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  • He sounds sweet. Forgive him and try ur hardest to forget it.
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And every girl in the school including the ones that went to kindergarten with him say he is a sweet guy and I should date him.
Thanks to everyone out there I finally found out the truth.


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  • Who cares if he says sweet things to you? That's the NUMBER ONE way players get girls. Just tell her what she wants to here and pretend to care.

    Personally I wouldn't get involved with him.

    • Like he is always saying he will wait 2 years and more with a smiley face. And that I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. And who cares if some people don't like u. I like u and that's all that matters.

    • Yeah, that's BS. All of it. Go ahead and ask other women if I'm right, and they'll agree. As much as you don't want to accept it, he's just saying sweet things so he can get the goods.

    • Ok. Thanks

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  • As you get older, the odds of someone not having a sexual past get smaller and smaller. Our experiences make us better. If you like him and want to kiss him, then do it.

    • But it grosses me out. I forgive him but I can't stand to kiss him bc i know everything like germs and crap they had will be with me. And all of them were my friends too

    • I don't know what to tell you, sweetie. You really have no choice but to accept it. He can't undo what he did. If it bothers you that much' you may have to find a new guy.

  • Sure date him. But once he has cracked your code... he will move on. Up to you.

    Do you want to be a notch on his belt or are you looking for a serious bf that wants commitment?

  • If you like someone who grosses you out, you need to revisit your own feelings. They are conflicting. Your are either repressing your true self or your thoughts and actions are misguided.

    • This question is a year old. lol

  • He a jumper not a keeper. His type can't settle down with just women. I would move on.


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  • You're waaaay overreacting, also he doesn't need your forgiveness for kissing other girls as a single guy... you need to get over it & yourself.