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Hey so there's this guy that I liked a while and he knows I did. He was one of my best friends and flirted with me a lot and my friends thought we were perfect for each other. My friends always tried to ask him out for me and things would be awkward but then they wouldn't because he was one of my best friends.. Well I hadn't seen him at all during winter vacation which is weird because he lives in my neighborhood and we always would hang out. But I found out he went to Chicago for vacation and when he got back he wouldn't answer my calls or anything. I have no idea why he won't talk to me. I got in a fight with my "friends" and he started hanging out with them. It's been about 6 months since we talked and I've e-mailed him on MySpace to find out what's going on but he never replies. I would always see him staring at me in the hallway at school.

Then just the other day I was at the park in my neighborhood with some friends and he was there too. He came over and was hanging out with us but it was INCREDIBLY awkward was like no eye contact, no commenting on the same thing as the other person and it was all around weird. Well I noticed he kept looking at me and when I would look his way he would look away real fast. When I got home I sent him an e-mail on MySpace asking if we could TRY to be friends but it still says the message was unread even though he's logged on.

What do you think this means? It didn't start up until after I was at his house helping him with homework and I hung out there and his mom made him walk me home.

Here are some theories my friends have said...

He doesn't want people to think he likes me or we're dating.

He likes me and can't handle it

He's stupid.

I know it most likely isn't any of those. Any ideas of what the problem is?


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  • Well above possibilities could be true, they really could be. But then again it could be that he just isn't interested in you as far as a relationship goes but he does want the good (best)-friendship that you two had before. But with him knowing your feelings for him, he maybe just doesn't know how to handle it.

    Now I usually don't go too well with people that avoiding because I like "negative feelings" to be told directly and that is what I would be going for, too.

    Next time when you know he's logged on, make sure he is alone and just go over to his place and have a talk. Talk with him in person and stop all this texting. I mean, if you live close to each other then texting is just unnecessary.

    Now I really don't want to make any assumptions here on what that guy may or my not be thinking , I just strongly advice you to talk to him in person. Talk about that his behavior towards you is troubling you and that you just don't understand why he's like that. Ask him to tell you because you value him!

    Now there are just two options for him. He either talks to you and in that case it will be possible for the two of you to work it out, or he neglects everything and your friendship just won't last.

    I know this sounds harsh and I'm sorry to tell that life sometimes really IS, but in this case getting the YES or NO answer is the only way for you to go on and get your head clear.

    I hope I helped, even though it might just not be the thing you've wanted to hear ;-)


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