What does it mean when the girl you like finds it funny when your friend asks her whether you both are dating?

Well long story short I like this girl who is my class mate and she just joined university this semester and we both were partners and now our class just ended. I tried to hint her a lot that I like her but I think she never got the message and infact I asked her out for lunch after finals and she said yes to it. But I have always been confused about her behavior around me coz sometimes it felt she doesn't even want me around her. Anyways, a friend of mine who just found about my crush on her felt happy and excited about it and said he knew something was going on between us two but when I told him about my situation he advised me not to give up. And to my surprise he secretly asked her whether her and I are hanging out and dating. He showed me the convo between them and she replied "lol no we just meet up to work on assignments" and also said "HAHAHAHA that's actually funny". He didn't replied to her last message and still told me not to give up and give it a chance. I don't know what to do now because she found it funny and I think she just thinks of me as a joke in real life and that I don't suit her. And if that is the case then to hell with her. Or may be she just found the question to be funny. What do you think girls? Please help me. I may be thinking too much but in general I want to know if it usually happens with guys or girls.


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  • Well... then positive thing is that she did agree to date you, so you have an opportunity to let her know how much you like her.

    But her response to your friend is certainly not a good sign, to be honest.

    At this point, I'll have to say this girl is just a gamble. Don't let your feelings for her grow too strong right now. Its pretty much a 50-50 scenario.

    • I agree and would you recommend or suggest like my friend did that to ask her again later and see how she responds? I was thinking if she gives an excuse of any kind then it will be my clue that she is not interested but I am sure by now she does know I like her that way. So many people are saying she is trying to avoid being bitchy and all and they may be right but to me if I get a straight forward answer I will be glad that it helped me put a stop to my persistent feelings and help to move on. And you might agree with me that if a girl does not want to go out she will simply say "Sorry I only see you as a friend or may be ask whether it is a date or not" which she didn't. I am sorry i ask too much but thanks for your reply.

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    • No, don't say that. She has agreed anyway, so don't give her a chance to change her mind now. Its just one date, after all. Even if she doesn't like you, she has nothing to lose. But you on the other hand, can make use of this opportunity to find out if she likes you or not.

      Unless she backs out herself, don't give her the option of canceling it.

    • True. I should not be reacting to this situation as if I know she denied dating me to my friend coz that will be bad for him as well. I will just do it as I thought of doing it at first place and see how it goes.

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  • Friendzone. Im sorry to say but not every girl is going to be into you, im sure you know, but what i mean is that sometimes us girls really just want people to like us. And we dont mean to lead people on all the time but its as though saying no to hanging out makes us come off like a bitch and thats what we are trying to avoid. It can be easier for a girl to just say yes and then never acknowledge you in a relationship light all for her own benefit really. thats whats so challenging about figuring girls out, its super hard to tell whos into you and whos avoiding bitch status. (Even though her saying no wouldn't make her a bitch, she would certainly feel bitchy. There is a whole other side to rejection, an embarrassment the rejector tries to avoid)

  • I don't think she likes you.


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  • She has no interest in you. And since she apparently doesn't mind laughing at you behind your back and clearly doesn't have respect for you as a man, perhaps drop her altogether and find a real friend.

    And she didn't agree to date you. Lunch is pretty platonic.

    In general, don't muddle the clarity of a date, and when you're out, make it clear you are pushing for romance. Otherwise you can't know if she's genuinely interested or just being nice. If she's placed in a situation where she has to be clear, then you save time and energy trying to figure this stuff out.