Does that mean he doesn't like me.. how do I tell him that I like him?

It's really hard for me to write this and it's long so bare with me

I never thought i would ever fall in love. I never saw any guy as a love intrest until i met this guy

I'm 20 years old. He's 23 i met him in an activity that i attend once a week

We became friends on Facebook then we switch numbers to talk on what'sapp

We talked daily for almost two months he told me all about himself and so did i.. every thing he does i know.

That's all through text cause in this thing we attend i don't get a chance to talk to him

He really makes me smile with his texts and he teases me a lot.. he calls me beautiful and so

I thought that meant that he liked me. Until he called me little sister he said it a lot and he continues by saying i don't know what i would've done without you. You are an amazing little sister , and once he called himself my big brother

Ps : he have one other close friend "girl" that he told me about and he said that she liked him in the begining but he stopped her saying that he only wants to be friends and that from day one he really didn't like her as a love intrest only a friend

So i'm affraid that i'm like her to him and i'm too scared to tell him that i really like him and that i fell for him and he shuts me down. I don't want to lose him

How to tell him that i like him and is the little sister thingy a way of him to show me that he isn't intrested


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