Am I in the wrong for telling my gf that?

Okay so i was telling my gf that I have been in past relationships where I have hung out with the girl every single day and every single night and those relationships only last 2-3 months tops if that. I also told her that I wanted us to last a really long time and I have no problem with seeing her a lot I just want to do it in moderation because I do not want to loose her she is very special to me. Now when I told her that she got really mad saying that I am pushing her away and all this other stuff which isn't true. I just want to us to do things in moderation so we will last a long time. Am I wrong for saying what I said. oh yea she is 18 and i am 24

This girl has not had a relationship last more then 10 months she told me, and I worried if I see her every single day and night that we will fall to the same fate (I did not tell her what that line just said)


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  • You were this Honest John, Sgtkeebler, in telling her straight out that you didn't want to see her every waking minute of every day and that you thought it best, unlike the rest, To-----Do it in moderation. It makes good sense, you are right in in your thinking, however, you may have gone a bit overboard with being totally Up front and personal by giving her poop deck details because now you have to pay the piper.
    I am sure it never crossed your mind that you were Crossing any boundaries in sounding out the past with her and the outcome of too much spent in your other relationships. And now that you have found out something about her that you most likely didn't know before, her being super thin skinned and a bit childish in not playing the same tune as you, as time goes on, and you go slow with your flow as you try and nurse and nurture this relationship, you may even find out more in store that you Never-----Knew before... maybe you have even come across an idea as to why her other relationships didn't even make a year, dear.
    Silence is golden the next time something marches up behind you that may throw an anchor in your path and cause your relationships, now and in the future, to go dead in the water... not everyone has a song on their lips about certain things and sometimes never let you live it down... this one maybe a perfect example of one of them.
    Good luck. xx


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  • My roomate, 19 and her boyfriend, 23 are constantly fighting and it seems for the most part she is the one getting all worked up. Not as a gender thing, but i think an age thing. She is a fair bit younger than you and might find a little insecurity because of that. You saying to an 18 year old that you want some time to take things so in order to form a better relationship might not make sense. Just be patient and know that your feelings matter just as much as hers. If you feel slow and steady will win the race then you need to clearly express that to her

  • I don't think you were wrong. You expressed what has caused failed relationships and are acknowledging a solution.

    • for some reason she keeps saying that i am pushing her away and all this other stuff what to do about that?

    • She's overreacting. Do not go against how you feel to accommodate her over reaction. Your right, being up under each other 24/7 kills everything: conversation topics, the "I miss yous" tell her you want her to ! miss you and to get overwhelmed with excitement when she knows she'll be seeing you. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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  • You may have been honest, but seriously, you acted like a fucking dickface... if dicks had faces... you would be it. You deserve a punch in your vagina.

    Let's reverse this scenario.

    How would you feel if your girlfriend spoke about her ex-boyfriend. If she told you how big his penis was, and how pleasurable it felt inside her, and that she wanted to be with him forever. But instead, she has you now... with your little penis. It's semi-satisfying, but she likes you because you have money.

    That's basically what you did. NEVER talk about past relationships in a positive manner. Even in a negative manner, there is nothing to gain from speaking about past girlfriends. Zero. Zip. All it will gain you is resentment. She will think you are emotionally unstable and unavailable and that you still have not gotten over your previous relationship. That will make her rethink your relationship status because you are psychologically not in this relationship 100%.

  • Thers a saying that goes "distance makes the heart grow fonder" its important to miss eachother that way you really value your time together, and essentially last longer. its Good you told her that, it does show her immaturity by her reaction.

  • Your fine for saying that. Its a maturation thing man. If she respects your time and understands then she's a keeper.

  • Eenk. Wrong move! Never do that again.

    When she asks about your past relationships, just say "they were all inflexible" and you'll do fine.

    Look at what you've done now.

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