Asking her to hang out (out)

this girl I've been crushing on, for a year now, and I haven't made a move yet, haha...tomorrow (tuesday) I'm going to try and ask her to hang out

i work in a library that she tends to go into everyday after she gets out of the school that's right behind the library. so I'm thinking of saying this:

"hey, how are u, how was ur labor day, do anything fun (don't worry I won't drill her with the questions, ill just sort of ease into them)... then ill say, so listen I get off of work in so and so, we should hang out, if you're not leaving yet (I've seen her leave right around the time I get off work)"

do you think she'll go for that, and yes, she's shown definite signs of interest

i need answers before tuesday afternoon


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  • Does she usually make conversation with you at the library or does she stare or glance at you? Usually girls act all shy around the guys they like and stuff. But I might be thinking about teenage romance.

    Go for "Hey. How was you're weekend?" or ask her what's her favorite book. Make conversation with her, don't just get into the asking part. Girls would think you're trying a bit too hard. Once you and her are into it, ask her. If it's before lunch, ask her if she wants to go to eat lunch with you. If it's before dinner, ask her if she wants to go to dinner with her. If she says no, don't take it too harshly. Try another time. Next time, ask her if she wants to go eat dinner/lunch with a group of friends. I hope that helps. Good luck!

    • She says hi and waves/smiles but no she doesn't try to make convo (as in, she's probanly waiting for me to make a move)

      dont really think she reads, cause she usually only just comes in to hang for a minute or two then leaves...

      but yes, thank you for at least the recommendations, and I hope she says yes

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    • No problem.

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  • Sounds awesome dude. Things are looking your way because of the signs of interest she's shown. Best of luck.

  • well if she's shown signs of interest you should go for it. the worst thing that can happen is rejection. hopefully it'll work out and you'll hit something off with her.