Ok, why is her behaviour so different ever since?

She is my gf, but its not really public. till recently she was pregnant from me but ever since i asked her to be my gf, she seems less affectionate, so i think. last Sunday we had an argument , about this friend of her dropping by. ever since he is dropping by her little kid disslikes me for no reason. trust me when i tell you, im a very patient , loving and caring person. so Sunday her little kid came to me and said her mommy had a different man. i got upset , and sad as well, so at the end of the evening, i told her, listen, i know you see other men, everyone says so, she got up angry, opened the front door, told me to leave, and rand to the bathroom angry and crying. i talked to her kid, telling her, that i love her mother a lot but she is not doing whats right. she got out the bathroom and told me to go. so i left, i was really upset. i expected her sending me lots of angry texts etc... or blocking me, she didn't. than i asked her, how she was doing, and she was very short in her answer. so yesterday we saw each other again, and in the beginning she didn't wanted me to kiss her, later progressively , she losened up a bit, and were really intimate again. but now i write her, and she reads my messages but she is a bit quiet. its like she wants me around but all the flirty and loving things she did before are just growing fewer. in the end all i matter , is about seeing her but i miss those little texts i got , late in the evening. its complicated , her kid has to like me, or else we can't be really together, but why is she so different in her behavior. i know it has been a hard time for her, but i was always by her side.


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  • she's a hoe. Don't see her anymore. she's playing u like a deck of cards.

    • what makes you think that, she is a confused person

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