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There is a guy that I have been getting to know/flirting with these past few weeks. Our schedules are really different, so the one way that we're able to see each other is when he gives me a ride to campus, since I don't have a car. This happens about once a week, even though we also will text randomly throughout the week as well. This past Monday, I texted to ask for a ride (I'm always very cautious of him thinking that that's the only reason why I'm talking to him), and he ended up leaving without me because he needed to rush to give his roommate something and it slipped his mind. He did come back after I texted him to ask if he had left, and it seems like it was an honest mistake. We addressed how I didn't want to be bothering him by asking for a ride, and he told me that he likes giving me rides because it feels like he's doing a good deed.

I guess now I'm just wondering what to do about this next time that I would usually ask for a ride. I always text first to ask for a ride, but because of this incident, I'm a little more cautious. Do I not text him and see if he texts first to see if I need one? The reality of the situation is that I can bus to where I need to go, it just takes about 40 minutes longer. I really do enjoy the car rides with him, and I think he might too. Not to mention that this is the only time we ever see each other because we're just at that comfortable stage yet where we can try and set something up over a weekend or to get coffee. Help?


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  • Sorry, didn't figure ou from your description: do you like th guy or do are you using his transport and company but don't LIKE him?)

    • I do actually like him. The fact that he's offered to drive me to campus is just a plus/opening.

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