Do Irish girls like a guy with an southern English accent (but not posh)?

I am 19 living in guernsey, I have a guernsey accent which is similar to a southern English accent. I will be moving to Ireland next year and was wondering if it would be a big plus for girls, don't mind or big turn off for them. My dad who is Irish says I should try and lose it. Any thoughts?

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  • I love English accents:) as long as he's able to enunciate and use actual words instead or just using slang all the time I think it's a big turn on:):):)


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  • I had an Irish girlfriend for a while, I don't think it was just the accent that did it for her. Her accent combined with everything else did it for me!

    • Well did the accent help your chances?

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    • Another question did you take any sh*t for having an English accent? Not just in a jokey way?

    • No, I think there's a lot of young Irish working in England these days so they're all more familiar with the accent.