Was I rude to this guy?

My friend's friend acts and looks like he is interested in me.
Yesterday he was texting me.
He asked me where have I been and that he wants to see me. I told him I have been busy lately. So he said god bless u and I want to see you. I only replied thank you. He asked me so when am I gonna see you? I replied I don't know it depends one of these days. He didn't reply.


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  • You sound like you aren't interested. He's only going to ask so many times. Either tell him you aren't interested or give him some days and times to work with.

    • Thanks for answering :) I'll keap that in mind.

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  • If you texted a guy friend those things and he replied with that what would you think?

    Yes that was rude. Saying you're "busy" is not a valid excuse. All that really means is "You're not worth setting aside time for".

    • I replied like this because he has a bad reputation so I don't trust him. I didn't mean to make him feel unworthy of my time.

  • No.. you weren't. It was just that his expectations were higher.

    • Yeah. I felt like he was so "confident" and thought I wanted to see him too.

    • So.. don't keep him hanging over ckiffs :) If he asks you out next time, just say "no.. i am busy."

    • Thanks for the answers :) Before he texted me he had invited me to a plan and I said I was busy. I said one of these days because I know I will see him by coincidence in a plan with my friends.

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