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hey guys,

I have started dating this guy everything was going fine, very well actually but two days ago when he came over he was still very nice but I found him reserved a bit distant in his words, but he was very affectionate still stroking my arm kissing me so I thought he was maybe having a bad day. Later that day as I was texting him e seemed very distant I asked what was up and he just said it's a matter he doesn't want to talk about by text but that he didn't feel confident enough to tell me earlier so I immediately assumed he wanted to break up. I asked him if it had anything to do with me he said it didn't and so we left it at that.
today i was supposed to see him sort of but it got cancelled and he was still distant however he is the one making plans for us to see each other tomorrow but then he sort of gets distant again. if it really, as he says, has got nothing to do with me I can't help but feel a bit angry, I have been having awful days recently but I don't take it out on him as a matter of fact I bring them out on nobody and I don't like his way of dealing with his issue I don't know about. I am just irritated and confused I think


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  • It's understandable that you would be pissed since he is making plans and cancelling.

    I'd personally would tell him that he needs to workout whatever situation he is in because it seems to be affecting his plans on going out with you. Top it off with you willing to support him or be there for him.


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